Government and UN discuss next steps to establish the Training and Methodology Center on the Sustainable Development Goals in Turkmenistan

Ashgabat, May 2-4, 2017. The Government of Turkmenistan and the United Nations discussed further steps in establishing the Training and Methodology Center on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Turkmenistan which aims to train and strengthen the capacity of teachers of middle and high schools in promoting the SDG Agenda among youth.

Experts from the UN Knowledge Center for Sustainable Development (KCSD) of the UN System Staff College (UNSSC) shared the experiences in establishing the UN Center and provided recommendations during a series of meetings with relevant national partners. “There are only few countries in the world where the Centers for Sustainable Development were established and Turkmenistan is among the first in the region”, noted Mr. Patrick van Weerelt, Head of the UN KCSD.

The representatives of the Ministries of Education, Finance and Foreign Affairs, Universities of Turkmenistan and the UN Agencies came together to design the model of SDG Center which will be tailored to the needs of Turkmenistan and accelerate the SDG roll out process in the country.

The participants of the study visit to Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Peace and Sustainable Development brought the insight of the work done in India. It was agreed that the Center would combine the best world practices and the needs of the education system of Turkmenistan.

The idea came as a response to the appeal of the President of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly on the need for national efforts to educate young people about the importance of the SDG. The Government of Turkmenistan initiated the establishment of a specialized SDG Training and Methodology Center that will develop training programs, methodological and reference materials for secondary schools, vocational and higher educational institutions.


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