Focus area 2: Promoting access to quality data

Providing support to the Government to improve the national statistical system, including  data collection, analysis and reporting is one of the priorities of the UN Country Team’s (UNCT) work in Turkmenistan since 2013. The UN Agencies are promoting a data revolution in the country as called for by the UN Secretary - General  with a special focus on the need for greater access to data by the public  and for international comparisons and ranking including for evidence based decision-and policy making.

Opening data on the country’s socio-economic achievements helps to attract investment, improve business environment, and provide opportunities for research and economic forecasts. Access to quality reliable data will enable the Government of Turkmenistan to use it for

a) evidence based planning of more effective and efficient national development, 

b) monitoring of the implementation of the national strategic plans and Sustainable Development Goals.

At the same time, providing access to reliable and up-to-date data, Turkmenistan will be able to demonstrate the progress that the country and its Government were able to achieve through the years of independence.

The UN will work Turkmenistan to improve the quality and availability of data for effective policy-making and programme implementation. Support will be provided to strengthen the system to effectively monitor progress in the implementation of national programmes including the new proposed sustainable development goals.

Support will also be provided to make the national statistical system more responsive to the information needs of policymakers and other national and international users. Particular attention and support will be given to produce data disaggregated by gender and sub-population groups and to a systematic and sustained approach to disseminate these statistics.

This will encourage that data are used for evidence-based policy development. In keeping with Turkmenistan’s growing economy, support will be provided to enable relevant institutions to carry out research based on verifiable national data as a tool for moving to a knowledge economy.