Focus of the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Turkmenistan

The United Nations Country Team (UNCT) each year plans and implement a joint annual work plan. The following sets out the key focus areas of the plan for 2017. Simultaneously each agency develops its own agency plan for implementation according to its mandate and covers many additional areas derived from the 5 year Turkmenistan - UN Partnership Framework document (2016- 2020) signed with the government. 

Focus area 1:  Promoting the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

On 25 September 2015, at the UN Summit, the world community unanimously adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development resulting from the bottom-up consultation process launched by the UN Secretary General in 2012 following the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), read more >

Focus area 2:  Promoting access to quality data

Providing support to the Government to improve the national statistical system, including  data collection, analysis and reporting is one of the priorities of the UN Country Team’s (UNCT) work in Turkmenistan since 2013. The UN Agencies are promoting a data revolution in the country as called for by the UN Secretary - General  with a special focus on the need for greater access to data by the public  and for international comparisons and ranking including for evidence based decision-and policy making, read more >

Focus area 3:  Promoting human rights

The UN System in Turkmenistan supports the protection and promotion of human rights as critical for effective development and sustainability. Human rights is central to the UN’s value system in all its work, read more >

Focus area 4:     Supporting the participation of civil society in development

The United Nations recognizes the special role that civil society and public organizations play in the development of the country such as  performing a variety of services and humanitarian functions amongst others. They bring citizens’ concerns to governments, monitor policy and programme implementation, provide analysis and expertise, serve as early warning mechanisms, and help monitor and implement international agreements, read more >

Focus area 5: HIV stigma

One of the issues that the UN Country Team (UNCT) will be strongly advocating in Turkmenistan is to prevent stigmas around HIV. Stigma associated with HIV has been cited worldwide as a significant barrier preventing a successful and co-ordinated response because it occurs at multiple levels, including the interpersonal, institutional (health facilities, schools, and workplaces), community, and legislative levels, read more >